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Josias River Farm Wedding | Taryn & Jeff

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Taryn and Jeff were married in September in Maine. I was already so excited for their wedding after meeting them for their engagement shoot last spring! Not only are they the nicest couple, but their wedding was STUNNING. Their reception venue, Josias River Farm, was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in New England. It was an absolutely perfect day for a perfect couple. I could not say better things about these two college sweethearts. Here is their love story, in Taryn’s words:

“We were both business majors at Bucknell University, so we shared a class or two, but we were also active in Greek life and began to cross paths at social events during my sophomore year. We attended several fraternity and sorority date parties and formals together over the next year, but it was not until I went abroad to Granada, Spain during the winter of my junior year that we decided to make it official. Jeff came to visit for a week and we’ve been together ever since!”

Congrats you two!

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Venue: Josias River Farm

Florals: Wild Folk Studio

Wedding Planner: WedBoston/Eliza Cowan

Catering: The Black Tie

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