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Porter Square Wedding | Angie & Dan

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Angie and Dan were married in November. When Angie found out her job was moving her to London, they two of them decided to get married before they left Boston. With only a couple months to plan, I think they did a pretty stand up job! I got to work with my gal Lauren Wells Events who worked with Angie to create the fun details throughout the day. Foret Design made a crazy beautiful bouquet and a stunning arrangement for the reception at McCabes. The day started at Dan & Angie’s apartment in Porter Square, where they walked to their ceremony at the Elephant Walk. Only their family was present, which was very sweet and intimate. We wandered around Kendall Square for their portraits, and this gorgeous park we stumbled upon during our adventure. That light! My goodness. It was perfect. Afterwards, they partied with everyone- friends & family included- at McCabes. Their wedding day truly represented Dan & Angie, and the love they share. Have the best time in London, you two! xo.

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